Creating Your Statement of Faith

Your statement of faith is a spiritual document that describes what you believe about the Divine Creator by whatever name you decide to attribute to the Creator. It is also one of the legal documents that protect you under the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and/or the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Your Statement of Faith is also an expression of what you believe about the Creator by whatever name you attach to Him and/or Her. Follow this link to learn How to Create Your Own Statement of Faith:

Creating Your Own Statement of Faith

Types of Faith Based Organizations

The types of Faith Based Organizations generally fall into seven basic classifications:

  1. Christian FBO,
  2. Scientific FBO,
  3. Independent FBO,
  4. Spiritual Healing FBO,
  5. Health FBO,
  6. Minsterial FBO,
  7. Nutrition FBO,
  8. Therapies FBO, and
  9. Wellness FBO.


The first three are generally referred to as “ministries;” and the others as “spiritual healing organizations.” All of these Faith Based Organizations are discussed in more detail in this article.

More About Types of FBO.


PMFBO is Private Membership Faith Based Organizations which is a division of PMEAA – Private Membership Education Associations of America. PMFBO is by far the largest network of private Faith Based Organizations in the USA and Canada.

We are a private association of attorneys, conflict mediators, ecclesiastical attorneys and coaches, paralegals and volunteers dedicated to helping qualified professionals legally help their clients improve the quality of their health, lives, nutrition and wellness by following their own spiritual path and obeying that spiritual path’s scriptural Plan for Health and Wellness.

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What is God’s Plan

for Our Health and Wellness?

According to Biblical Scripture for most spiritual faiths, God’s Plan for our Health and Wellness is to eat the berries, fruits, herbs, leaves, meats, nuts, roots, seeds, shoots, soft stems, spices and sprouts the Divine gave to us as food and medicine.

The message of all worldly spiritual paths clearly is that God told us we could eat some of the things God created for our consumption. God also told us not to eat any adulterated food.

In the modern world large corporations are creating genetically altered food crops and artificial chemical foods, food coloring, taste enhancers, and food preservatives that are toxic to all living things. These altered and synthetic foods appear to be causing a host of health and wellness problems.

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